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Hi Family and friends!

I hope you are all well and keeping safe during these times!

The South African economy is in crisis due to the recession and the national Covid-19 lockdown, an additional stream of income would do most South African households good.

The majority of the workforce is working from home, and a large number of people’s revenue has been negatively affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Being able to make money at the comfort of your home would be advantageous right now, and we are here to assist you!

This week we’ll be having 3 exciting trainings on Zoom, that I will be hosting.

- On Wednesday ( 29th of July 2020, 7pm), The zoom session will cover for:

1. All Leaders who are interested in growing their business and income. ( how to increase your income)

- On Monday ( 3rd of August 2020, 7pm), The Zoom session will be:

2. Explaining Cryptocurrency Mining, what it is, how it works and all information concerning Mining City ( please invite all your new prospects).

- The last session which will be on Thursday ( 5th of August 2020, 7pm) will cover:

3. Everything on Bitcoin vault, explaining what it is, how it’s created and how it works/operates.

I’m so excited for you to join me and be part of this great life changing opportunity!

For access to the link please respond with a YES and the date of which you want to attend the training.

Or you can alternatively send us a WhatsApp on 0729239916 for more information!

Thank you.

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