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Why not use this time productively?

Hello everyone, thank you for joining me today once again.So today I'll be giving out a few productivity hacks we can use during this lockdown period.

With the number of COVID-19 cases growing exponentially and many countries in a state of lockdown, most of us are entering the third or fourth week of being at home. As the world fights a relentless battle against the pandemic, each of us is faced with our own daily struggles. With the line between professional and personal spaces blurring, many of us are finding it increasingly difficult to juggle deadlines with almost anything.

Having no physical office space to go to, no face-to-face meetings, no coffee breaks with the team, no animated discussions about a new project, the typical work day looks rather bleak, and for many, productivity is dropping to an all-time low. But this does not mean you cannot use your time productively.

Here are some tips on how you can be productive during this time:

Set up a dedicated working space 

While it may be tempting to spend the work day in bed or on the couch with your laptop resting on a pillow, this can prove to be an unproductive way of working. If you don’t have a home office already, it’s now essential that you turn a dedicated room or nook into one. You can turn any desk or table into a workstation by decorating it with all of your essentials, such as stationary, a power supply for your computer and, most importantly, an always-full mug of hot coffee within arms reach. Add a comfortable chair that offers support and you’re good to go.

Ideally, your workstation should be situated in a quiet room like a spare bedroom to avoid distraction from young children or playful pets. This will also ensure uninterrupted work calls.

Keep a routine

While the prospect of being able to work from home may be a dream come true for many office commuters, in reality spending the day in your PJs with unbrushed hair loses its appeal after a while. Being surrounded by the same four walls 24/7 can quickly lead to cabin fever if you have no direction. It’s therefore important to stick to a daily routine to keep your mind occupied, and of course to get important work done to safeguard your job or business. 

To ensure productivity, base your new lockdown schedule on a typical pre-COVID-19 workday. For example:

  • Set your alarm for the same time (or treat yourself to an extra 30 minute lie-in if your previous commute was lengthy)

  • Do a yoga session or workout followed by a shower

  • Catch up with the latest news over breakfast 

  • Get dressed and start your work day in your dedicated workspace

  • Take coffee breaks every few hours as you would have in the office, and of course your full lunch break away from your computer screen

  • Clock off as you normally would at the end of the work day

  • Spend the rest of the evening relaxing as you normally would 

  • Keep to your bedtime

You should also stick to a routine during your dedicated working hours. For example, if you are most productive and creative in the morning then focus on important tasks during this time, and dedicate the afternoon to replying to emails and catching up on other mundane tasks.

Stay connected

Self-isolation can get pretty lonely, especially if you are a sociable individual whose daily highlight was catching up with your colleagues around the water cooler. Thankfully, technology can facilitate almost the next best thing: online chats and video calls. 

Communication is key to know what is going on with your colleagues, and also for your own mental health. As mentioned in the previous point about keeping a routine, it’s important to schedule regular virtual meetings to ensure work is getting done and to check in to see how everyone is doing under lockdown. 

Stay active 

Whether it’s a quick morning stretching session or a full-on at home workout, make sure to schedule some sort of exercise on a daily basis. There are some amazing home workout apps available such as Nike Training and 7 Minute Workouts that don’t require equipment. There are also an abundance of YouTube videos that can guide you through different exercise and yoga routines, and even some more fun activities that can involve your kids. 

Do those things that you always wished you had time to do

Last but not least, make the most out of being at home! You now have no excuse to not do all of those things that you always wished you had time to do. For example catching up on your favourite TV shows, reading, spending more time with your kids and family, completing an online course, starting a new hobby or even starting an online business. If your business has been affected or even shut down during the lockdown period, then this is now the perfect opportunity to brainstorm how you can modify your existing business model to generate an online revenue stream.

Let's stay productive and use this time efficiently, I hope these ideas that I've shared will be beneficial to you friends. If you have some more ideas you might want to share with us, please don't hesitate to do so. Leave a comment on the comment section below.

Stay safe and stay at home.

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