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What are Your Intentions In Life?

Before you can do any self-improvement, before you can make any positive and long-lasting changes in your life, you have to ask yourself what are your true intentions. Ask yourself, “What is my goal? What’s the point here?” Without a goal it is very difficult to achieve what you say you want to achieve.

I always equate self-improvement to an exercise regimen; if you join a gym and go whenever your feel like it, you might see a slight change. But if you join the gym with the intention of going 3 times a week, chances are you’ll see changes in your body.

This is the same work. You are about to embark on exercising your emotional muscle by first making a conscious and clear intention.

Everything in life comes down to your true intention

I think that is pretty accurate. Even in business. When you clearly set your intention, and it is connected to your big picture, it will impact everything you do. From the positive goals you set to the challenges and obstacles you will face along the path to success. You will find your great vision and purpose will become a fundamental part of your day to day activities.

Communication is profoundly affected when we know our intention, or even when we don’t. How often have you listened, or read something and thought to yourself, ‘what’s the point?’ obviously, the other person was not clear with their intention. When we have clarity about what it is we want to convey to others, we can then monitor that communication to make sure our objective is being achieved.

Far too often we get caught up in the minutiae of business that we lose sight of the bigger picture. The leader within us tends to take a back seat to the manager who is running the to-do list and madly trying to tick things off.

The Key to Intention is…

The intention must be about you. The intentions cannot be to change someone, to manipulate a situation, to tell someone they’re wrong. Those things do not lead to a path of self-improvement. Those things lead to arguments, chaos and certainly no change within yourself.

Short-Term Intention

Similar to goals at work, setting intentions for your month or year can instill a sense of determination as well as gratitude. When focusing on what you want to achieve in the near future, it’s also important to honor where you are now, in the present. Establishing gratitude as an intention will help you concentrate on the people, work, and achievements you are grateful for and work toward your new goals while feeling at peace with your current situation.

Life-Long Intention

As your search for meaning and purpose continues throughout your life, you can hope to stumble upon the revelation of what your life-long intention is, or you can set your own path that inspires you to live your best life. When you look back on your life, your life-long intention is what truly mattered to you. It could be community, balance, peace—anything you deem core to your life’s values. If you desire to seek balance in every area of your life, striving to do so commits you to this intention. You may stray from your life-long intention at times, but finding your way back will ensure you are in accordance with your own dreams and goals.

While your intentions may vary during different times in your life, you may notice a general theme that traces back to your core values. Demonstrate actions on a daily basis that commit you to your intentions and watch how the effects of these actions help you become more grounded and find purpose in your life.

You need to be AWARE of your true intentions in life!

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