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The rise of digital technology

From tin-cans to iPhones, from ox-wagon to Tesla, from word of mouth to Internet, the rise of digital technology has provided a fundamental shift in paradigm. Digital technology has exponentially bettered our lives.

It cannot be argued that the evolution of civilization is largely based on the technology being developed at the time. In the late 90’s we were introduced the internet, in the 2000’s we were introduced to cell phones, portable computers, electronic banking and self-driving cars.

As we reach 2020, the progression of technology has not slowed down!

A piece of digital technology as ground-breaking as the internet was in the 90’s has taken its course in World-Domination. The future of World-Wide banking has been birthed and is named BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY.

This technology is highly secure as it eliminates fraud and corruption all in one swoop. Blockchain is fundamentally significant in the modern era and has been recognized by South African Banks collectively. Several banks have been in consensus to develop a sovereign blockchain for the country. This experiment is called Springblock. Its members include ABSA, Standard Bank, Nedbank, etc. Banks are undergoing a digital evolution. Get ahead of the curve by getting involved with Invest In Future Currencency.

To find out more on how to get involved come to our offices or visit our website

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