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“There is a race on today, and you are in it, whether you know it or not. If you have not yet developed the habit of reading each day, attending seminars and courses regularly and listening to audio programs in your car as you move around, somewhere, someone else is doing this. Inevitably, that person will win the race, and you will lose.

The good news is that an average person, who develops the habit of lifelong learning, will eventually run circles around a genius who goes home and watches television each night. There is perhaps no habit that will more guarantee your success in life than the habit of continuous personal and professional improvement.

The pay-off in improved results in your field will be tremendous. But the best pay- off of all is that you will become more positive and optimistic. You will have more energy, be more creative and be a happier person as you continue to grow and grow toward the realization of your full potential.

The habit of continuous learning enables average people to become top performers in their fields. It enables people to go from rags to riches. It enables people to rise from poverty and frustration to affluence and success. Continuous learning opens every door for you. It increases your intelligence and creativity and puts you onto the fast track in your career. Continuous learning, like nature, is neutral. Anyone can use it to accomplish extraordinary things in life. It is one of the best habits you can ever develop, and the pay-off from continuous learning will last you all the days of your life.

You Determine Your Own Destiny

Each person is essentially self-made. The person you are may have been determined by your childhood experiences. But the person that you become, the person that you may be, is completely under your own control. The great principle, that “You become what you think about most of the time” refers to what you are thinking today, at this very moment. It is not your thinking of the past, or your thinking in the future, that determines the course of your destiny. Everything you are, and everything you will be, is determined by the thoughts that you think at each moment. And you can take complete control of those thoughts at any time you decide to.

You become an optimist by taking control of your inner dialogue, your self-talk. Resolve today to develop the habit of talking to yourself in a positive way. Say things to yourself like, “I like myself!” Say, “I can do it!” over and over again. If someone asks you how you are feeling today, always reply by saying “I feel terrific!” When you think about your job, repeat to yourself, “I love my work! I love my work!”

Fully 95% of your emotions are determined by the things you think and the words you say to yourself as you go throughout your day. Use your self-discipline and self-control to think and talk about the things you want, rather than allowing your mind to become preoccupied with the things that you don’t want, or with your doubts and fears.”- Page 82, “Million Dollar Habits” by Brian Tracy

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