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The Power of Visualisation.


How To Visualise What You Want

1. Find Quiet Time

Many of us hope that all of a sudden, we will somehow have free time to simply sit, relax and be quiet. As we all know, this isn’t likely to spontaneously happen. Between jobs, chores, and life in general, finding quiet time isn’t always easy, but it is possible. Usually, visualization will be easiest in a quiet time just after you have woken up, or before bed. By waking up a little earlier, or choosing to use your evening time to visualize, it allows you to enjoy some much-needed space and time to yourself.

2. Visualise What You Want Or Desire.

 Focus on and visualize what you want—whatever it means to you. Be specific. If you really want a new car, imagine what it will be like to drive that car. If it is a new career, how will it make you feel? Will you be excited to meet new co-workers? Decorate your office? Start working from home? Imagine every last detail. The more real you can make your visualization, the easier it will be for your mind to start taking action to help you find your way toward that goal.

Be Persistent

The most important part of any habit is keeping up with it in the long term and that’s no different for visualization. It’s often easy to keep it up for a few days or maybe a couple of weeks. Then we let ourselves get distracted again, and life takes over before we really get to see the benefits of consistent visualization.

One of the most important things about visualization is consistency. You’ll begin to see good things happening when you are focused and deliberate about how you are using your brainpower. When you choose to consider the good things in our life now, coupled with the amazing things you want to have in our lives, over time, incredible things can happen. (Mires, 2020)

Be Confident

You can’t do anything that you can’t picture yourself doing. Once you make the picturing process conscious and deliberate, you begin to create the self you want to be.

The most critical part of visualization is believing that you deserve the happiness you’re hoping for and that you can get it. If you can’t convince yourself of the possible reality of your dreams, you won’t be able to achieve them.

Be Grateful

When you close your eyes and visualize your hopes, dreams, and wants, it is super important to feel grateful, as if you have already reached these goals. You already live in your dream house, you’re doing your dream job, and you feel awesome. Now let the universe do its thing. (George St-Pierre, 2020)

Visualization is very important, because it gives you a sense of direction of where you want to be in life. But the most important thing you can do to ensure that what you visualise comes true is to put in the action.

Let us assist you in ensuring that your visuals do come to light. Put in the action now!

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