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Launching The Global African Blockchain Alliance in Tunisia

I was invited to Tunisia for the week to judge a group of entrepreneurs at the AFRICA STARTUP GATE SUMMIT. It was here that I launched the Global Africa Blockchain Alliance (GABA) in Tunisia together with the Minister of Employment & Vocational Training in Tunisia, Honourable Saida Ounissi where we spoke about the benefits of funding young entrepreneurs even without financial records of the past.

My love for South Africa and it’s cumulative advancement has made this trip a huge Honour. I have gone around every province in South Africa on the pursuit to understanding what the youth and citizens of the country are looking for. In order for South Africa to gain seating at the table, I believe that concentrated efforts must be put on the Youth at large. It is Young People that hold the keys to success for our beloved country. Our Soil shall be enriched by the results of the hard work that is brought by ordinary citizens of South Africa who just need resources and aid to intensify the skills that they possess naturally.

The AnnA Villa in Paris made history by becoming the first ever European property to be sold entirely via blockchain transaction. 

The luxury building, located in the city’s Boulogne-Billancourt district, was valued at €6.5 million, and was sold to French real estate companies, Sapeb Immobilier and Valorcim. The process involved first transferring ownership of the building to a joint-stock company (SAPEB AnnA), then dividing the company into 100 tokens to be distributed to the owners respectively. Each token can be further broken down into 100,000 units, meaning individual shares of the building can be bought and sold for as little as €6.50.

The deal – which was managed by French blockchain investment platform, Equisafe – was powered on the Ethereum token, and was the latest of several worldwide efforts to bring real estate sales onto blockchain technology. Last year, a  $30 million Manhattan property was also tokenized on Ethereum, and in January of this year, a luxury resort in Aspen, Colorado raised $18 million through a security token offering. 

It is advancements like these that I wish to introduce in South Africa. A shift in the way things are done is eminent and the only way to benefit from this change, is to join in from a knowledgeable stance and in the same breath, prepare and plan accordingly for what is to come. 

While we are on the subject of amazing news and Growth- the SECOND SUCCESS HABIT is out on the YouTube Group- Meantality Inner Circle. We cover the Art of Planning and applying focus to everything that you do. It's a new month- new challenges and new heights to soar! That means that we will be geared up and ready for whatever is set for us. I can not wait to engage with you guys on it and to see and hear of the impact that it had on you. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and to join the group and as a take out from the lessons: DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE END GOAL: FOCUS ON THE GROWTH!

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