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The Crypto-craze

The crypto-craze has refused to settle down as renowned investor and former trader in Goldman Sachs and Fortress, Mike Novogratz weighed in on the crypto-conversation last week. Novogratz has boldly declared that he expects that the Cryptocurrency market will soon get to $20 trillion as per market capitalisation. He made this prediction during the New York Bloomberg Summit where he was interviewed on the topic of Cryptocurrency Market Economics.

According to Novogratz, the market will rebound and eventually surpass the all-time high of $900 Billion and climb steadily to the $20 trillion mark. He was quoted saying during his interview: “The Cryptocurrency industry is a global revolution which is more than the internet bubble which was just confined to the United States. The Crypto-Revolution, on the other hand, is significantly greater. People from all over the world are participating in the revolution, furthermore there is a global market for Cryptocurrencies.”

We at Invest in Future Currency have dedicated all our resources to ensuring that Africa is a front runner in this global revolution, we have been educating all our clients on how they can get involved and EXPONENTIALLY cash in on the frenzy.

The question we’re asking Africans is “What’s your excuse for not getting involved?”

To find out more on how to get involved come join us at our FREE Introductory Class. "An Investment in Knowledge pays the best interest." -Benjamin Franklin

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