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Managing Uncertainty During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Life is filled with uncertainty, especially at times like this. While many things remain outside your control, your mindset is key to coping with difficult circumstances and facing the unknown.

Uncertainty is all around us, never more so than today. The current COVID-19 pandemic has heightened uncertainty over the economy, employment, finances, relationships, and of course, physical and mental health (Robinson, Smith. 2020). Yet as human beings, we crave security. We want to feel safe and have a sense of control over our lives and well-being.

Fear and uncertainty can leave you feeling stressed, anxious, and powerless over the direction of your life. It can drain you emotionally and trap you in a downward spiral of endless “what-ifs” and worst-case scenarios about what tomorrow may bring.

While we may not wish to acknowledge it, uncertainty is a natural and unavoidable part of life. Very little about our lives is constant or totally certain, and while we have control over many things, we can’t control everything that happens to us. As the coronavirus outbreak has shown, life can change very quickly and very unpredictably. (Robinson, Smith. 2020)

We’re all different in how much uncertainty we can tolerate in life. Some people seem to enjoy taking risks and living unpredictable lives, while others find the randomness of life deeply distressing. But all of us have a limit. If you feel overwhelmed by uncertainty and worry, it’s important to know that you’re not alone; many of us are in the same boat at this time.

It’s important to realise that you determine your reality by the way you react to the outside world.

When something happens, you get to choose whether it’s a positive or negative experience and react accordingly.

If you’ve been furloughed or made redundant due to the Coronavirus, it might be the opportunity for bigger and brighter things (Scotland, 2020).  You choose what it will mean to you.

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