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Skepticism is often a natural reaction to cryptocurrencies. Those who live in fear, cannot prosper in the crypto-space!

Those who live in fear will not evolve! Bitcoin has revolutionized money as we know it.

It is up to you to choose whether to evolve with the technology or get left behind. Often times skepticism stems from uninformed assumptions. It is assumed that because of digital currency being solely online, it is difficult to store your digital currency much like how you are able to keep your normal currency stored in a bank or in a shoe box This assumption ties in with accessibility - “How accessible am I to my own money?” or “How quickly can I withdraw my money”.These questions have a simple solution - Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets.Imagine having access to your fortune in your pocket. Cryptocurrency Hardware wallets serve to deliver exactly that!

There is no need to fill out forms at your local bank in order to access your own funds. In my recently published book, Mr Bitcoin, I explain how online wallets, mobile wallets, paper wallets as well as hardware wallets are the most convenient way to access your money at any given time; anywhere in the world.

If Cryptocurrency has revolutionized money, then Cryptocurrency wallets have revolutionized banking.

Much like how the internet caused a moral panic when it was introduced to the public, Cryptocurrencies face a similar backlash but have actually proven to be a valid form of currency globally. Remember, resistance is a natural reaction to evolution.

!The universe favours the brave

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1 Comment

mellita mabhena
mellita mabhena
May 10, 2019

Great truth there Mrs.

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