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Let's Also Share Knowledge With Our People From Disadvantaged Backgrounds!

Hello everyone, I hope you all having a splendid week so far. Remember to be kind to yourself and everyone around you. I just want us to all meditate on these words for this week, I'm hoping they'll improve your mindset towards any difficulties you might be going through. "The minds of successful people are well organised and have the ability to focus. If you want to make most out of your life, developing this kind of mind is essential." FOCUS friends!

Now let's talk about the importance of imparting knowledge to others, especially people from disadvantaged backgrounds, very serious topic I know! But we need to go through such topics because they are very crucial.

Education is the mirror of society and the seed of socioeconomic development. It transforms people from ignorance to enlightenment, from shades of social backwardness to social improvement light, and a nation from underdevelopment to faster social and economic development. In rural development, education, economic development, physical and social infrastructure play a major role. Rural development is also characterized by its focus on economic development strategies that are produced locally. Rural areas are highly distinctive from each other as opposed to urban regions, which have many similarities.

Giving back does not necessarily mean that it should be in the form of valuables.

Giving is art, it expresses itself in various ways that touch the mind , body and soul. I usually speak for corporates or at events which many may deem for being “boujee” people. But this past weekend I spoke in Soweto, the biggest township in the country. It made me realize that, it’s the people that are in townships and rural areas of South Africa that need knowledge and enlightenment more than anywhere else. I’ve made a commitment to myself to start doing more work with the townships and rural areas in the country. Sharing my knowledge, but not only that, getting down to a practical level where I can engage with young people and impart certain bits of knowledge. Knowledge is power and with that it can change the mindset of individuals. These are just some of the benefits I foresee happening if we strengthen the act of sharing our knowledge with people from rural areas/communities.

Employment and income opportunities: increasing the quality of education in rural areas can significantly impact the development of employment opportunities. Studies have shown that the availability of skilled labour, transportation infrastructure, and local markets are prime factors in selecting a community for an industrial placement.

Education develops leadership: with education, individuals gain confidence, knowledge, skills, and experience — all factors that increases an individual’s ability to effectively and efficiently lead a group of people towards success. Education helps to identify and develop those leaders in our communities who will battle against low-quality education, and poverty, leading to a successful and strong community.

These are just two advantages in MANY that I've just mentioned. People out there are hungry for education and we need to put it upon ourselves to ensure that they obtain the necessary education they need, in order to improve their lives and be of use to their communities. Lets all be grateful of what we have and also find ways in which we can show our kindness to other people. Being Grateful and portraying kindness opens up room for more!


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