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LaSizwe for Isizwe!

Having conquered the odds that were stacked against him, Thulasizwe Dambuza or as we all know him, "LaSizwe" has managed to create a career for himself that is fit for the books.

We all have stolen moments in our day to watch his content, even when you see his posts on your respective timelines, you can't help but watch. His videos are relevant and full of humour and appealing to all ages.

Thulasizwe Dambuza has been able to strategically grow his brand through his Social Media. From just sending out videos on YouTube to now being a tv presenter on well known South African talk show- Real Goboza and being a Teen marketing director of Fanta.

One can easily commend and piece out the prevalence of Humble beginnings when LaSizwe tells his story of how he reached this place in his life. Life was not always easy. From attending auditions back-to-back and being rejected for the majority of them, LaSizwe was adamant and ambitious enough to persist with his dreams. He maintains that even though so many doors were closed in his face, he was going to find one that was ready for him to shine through it.

The atmosphere of the interview was very comfortable- LaSizwe wore his heart on his sleeve when he spoke about the influence his mother's passing had on his life and success. It is easy to relate to his story because we all have lost loved ones and we all have had to rebuild after a difficult time in our lives.

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