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Hi Guys

It has been a very program-filled month and I have missed all of you.

I just want to share some of the engagements that I have been part of all in the name of taking an active stance in making sure that we put Africa on the map.

The keyword is "WE": it is our responsibility collectively to make sure that we improve the quality of life of Africa's citizens.

After a very insightful sit-down with President Cyril Ramaphosa, I have realised that our Mandate is bigger than just pushing the Government to do the right things- we have a greater responsibility to the implementation of systems that will ensure the betterment of society. We have to improve Africa! We have to make sure that our Invaluable citizens are uplifted not only economically, but intellectually. I believe in Africa and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our time is now!

We had robust engagements with different industry leaders/ experts on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Here are some questions for you that you can answer: Do we use 3D printing to make RDP’s and scratch the tender system, or rather not, because construction workers’ jobs will be replaced?

Why don’t we train the construction worker instead, to operate the 3D printer? Would the cost of housing go down significantly? Would the rollout of houses be quicker? Would we end people living in shacks? The construction worker will burn down the 3D printer, people will steal its parts?

I say- No: they will respect it- the records of housing will be on a blockchain to stop people cheating.

These were the same questions that I took to the FNB Head Office

I had the opportunity to speak infront of Leaders of change at the FNB Head-office. I engaged with them about the progress that we will encounter when we adopt the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Below is a Video highlighting some of the most significant changes that we will see with the adoption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Here are some value propositions for investing in South Africa:

- Our economy is the 30th Largest in the world - Most developed and Technologically advanced economy on the African continent. - Abundance of natural resources -Sophisticated banking sector - Young, Eager Labour Force -Progressive Constitution & independent Judiciary

Instead of saying “I had a busy day”, say: “I had a productive day”. Now instead of feeling overwhelmed and tired, you will feel focused and effective. The 4IR Indaba Conference was a Productive Conference. The trending question is: IS AFRICA READY FOR 4IR?

I will leave the answer to your discretion!


The Meantality Inner Circle Videos will be LIVE every Sunday on my Facebook Page at 14:00. You will get to engage and share your stories with me and I will do the same.

I am so excited for you guys to join me on this journey.

Incase you missed some episodes, please catch them on the following platforms :




4. APPLE PODCASTS: Mpho Dagada by Mpho Dagada

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