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After the success of my First Book, ‘Mr Bitcoin, How I became a Millionaire at 21” and the Relationships that I had gained throughout that process of writing and doing book tours around the country- I grew fond of all of you.I started working on my second book Meantality and while working on it, I have started introducing teachings where we will help each other build strong and success-ridden mentalities.

Bitcoin surged above $11,000 on Monday 24 June 2019 hitting its highest level since March 5, 2018. It is now up over 170% this year.Facebook’s cryptocurrency project Libra has been a catalyst for Bitcoin to go higher. Bitcoin has been marching high, as major companies have begun to announce cryptocurrency-related projects. Fidelity rolled out a cryptocurrency custody and trade execution operation in March. The price surge is due to many factors, but the main one is an increasing consensus among the investment community that Bitcoin is a legitimate store of value for the digital age and part of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

In South Africa, the Government has started looking for ways to compete globally in the 4th Industrial Revolution. I have been one of the first South Africans to be involved in the Blockchain Technology revolution. I have researched and invested in this technology and it yielded me great results. You too can be part of this great revolution by learning to invest in Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Technology revolution. I offer an online course that can help you to understand how to invest and trade Cryptocurrencies. In this course I also help you protect yourself from scams and bad investment coins. I also offer private consultation where you have the opportunity to meet me in person and I can help you more and if you prefer this way then you can email me at

Just to get you started on the journey, here are 15 bullet points to help and guide you along.

  1. Get enough sleep!

  2. What you do in the hour before you sleep is important! It determines how you will wake up feeling!

  3. Use the hour before you sleep to fill your mind with positive things!

  4. Do affirmations of things you want to achieve the next day and in the future!

  5. Turn your affirmations into eternal truths!

  6. You need to drink water regularly and often! Water increases brain power and flushes out toxins in your body

  7. Reading a book is also very important

  8. When you wake up in the morning, don't have a cluttered mind!

  9. Learn to meditate in the morning

  10. Make time to meditate and read

  11. Start your day with joy, by laughing, singing and dancing.

  12. Exercising is another success habit

  13. It's good to start your day with exercise or end it with exercise

  14. You have a healthier heart when you exercise


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