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Good Morning, Mpho Dagada Here

In the beginning of this week I got my passport stamped and took a flight to the BIG Apple - New York City. As Alicia Keys explicitly described it as “The Concrete jungle where dreams are made of”. This indeed is a reality for many and it has opened my eyes to a key lesson I would like to share with you on “How do you EXPAND YOUR MIND to start thinking and doing more?”

I discovered that the best way to do this is through traveling. When you start expanding your horizon and adopting an international mindset, you begin to realise how incredibly small your locality actually is. You begin to understand that the world is truly your oyster. It’s a sea of opportunities filled with movers and shakers. There are so many more things to see out there; different people, everyone chasing their dreams and building their empires.

It is remarkable what being in this global sphere of opportunities does to your mindset, it opens it up for you to start believing in bigger and greater things that go beyond your borders and horizons and allows you to start thinking “How can what I do not only impact my country but how can I play my role as a global citizen?”.

"As an entrepreneur it is imperative to have a global mindset and outlook on business, to envision how your product or service offering will not only cater for your nation, but more so how can it you compete on an international scale and leave a global impact."

Mpho Dagada, Entrepreneur,Author, S;peaker
"If you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere; it's up to you, New York, New York" Frank Sinatra

In the words of Andre Gide “A Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” What this translates to in the business environment; is that you cannot bring forth new ideas into a competitive market if you don’t let go of the local mentality. You need to have a global mindset when you approach your business plan, your vision, mission and your model.Having a global mindset means that you are aware and open to the diversity of different cultures and markets and carry the propensity to see common patterns across countries and markets. This is key for any business for you are able to see cultural and geographic diversity as opportunities to exploit thus adopting successful practices and revolutionary ideas.

This is the type of mindset South Africans need to have in order to bring forth growth and expansion to our nation.

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