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“Nowadays too many people look strong but can’t perform with high levels of strength and power. And if they are strong, their strength has no endurance, it lasts only a few minutes or maybe only one minute, and no more. This is what happens when you follow pretty workouts that revolve around high tech equipment, isolation movements and going for the “pump”.

The simple fact is that training is supposed to be hard and the human body is supposed to be strong, there are no two ways about these facts.

In this special report you’re going to learn that it doesn’t take anything fancy to develop the look of a Gladiator while being just as strong! Show me someone who is satisfied with their strength and they are likely satisfied with everything else around them far too easily.

The men of the “golden era” lifted anything that would yield results in strength and muscle gains:

• stones

• heavy barbells lifts with two hands and one hand

• heavy kettlebells

• climbing rope

• pressing & rowing heavy thick handle dumbbells from all angles

• Focused on ground based lifts (very little was performed lying down and

nothing was performed sitting down, unlike many of today’s “popular”


• Partner gymnastics based movements, acrobatics, hand balancing and

ring training

These men also trained with higher volume and frequency than what many are accustomed to today. The difference was that back then, the choices of exercises were not many, so they practiced the compound lifts very often, and because they practiced so often, they gained GREAT skill (i.e. STRENGTH) in these lifts.

These lifts were ALL compound lifts and packed on slabs of rugged muscle very quickly. Because these men practiced these basic lifts regularly, they also had high work capacity, which is what most people lack today.

When an athlete begins training at The Underground Strength Gym in Edison, NJ, we build them up to handling heavy weights for more than just one set. We don’t want your body shutting down on you when you need it to work. The right style of training will promote physical and mental toughness.

With regards to volume, the men of The Golden Era did not perform many different movements, instead, they performed 1 – 4 movements per workout, and worked their ass off on each movement.

Variety is great for stimulating the mind and body and it is a necessary aspect of improvement. With too little variety, your body adapts to the stimuli and progress slows.

But, what the men of The Golden Era did to combat their lack of variety was to constantly strive to break PR’s (Personal Records). Because they always got stronger, they consistently added muscle. Unlike many of today’s men who work out and avoid the intensity required to break records, these men moved weights that shock many of the most advanced lifter’s of today.

Don’t think for one second that you need a fancy place to train at or fancy equipment to train with. I started out in my parent’s garage which was FREEZING cold and all I had was a crappy 300 lb Olympic set from Costco, a pair of 50 & 100 lb DB’s and a gun rack which I used for squatting.

I used an old tool box to elevate the flat bench for incline dumbbell benching.

But damn did I get strong as heck and I packed on rugged muscle faster than ever before in that tight space in my Dad’s garage, all because I was limited to going heavy and basics only! I am using the word “limited’ loosely here, these were great “limits” to have!

On the weekends, I would take a trip to a different gym to change things up a bit. One weekend I was training at a Gold’s Gym, and the kid at the front counter started chatting with me after my workout as he wondered where I trained since he never saw me before.

When I told him I train at home in my garage his jaw dropped! He asked how I got so big training in a garage! I told him all about the need for basics, heavy weights and intensity. This kid was a wrestler, and he got to talking about his workouts at this fancy Gold’s Gym (I wish the original Gold’s Venice was the norm for gyms of today). His workouts revolved around all the machines and fancy equipment in that joint.


Movements that had him sitting down and lying down were common place for his training. I started chatting with him about George Hackenschmidt, the great wrestler who was also incredibly strong, even at the young age of 19. We spoke about heavy Olympic lifting, heavy ground based lifts and overhead presses. His eyes lit up and we mapped out a simple Underground program that had him training three days a week.

Back then I was still bodybuilding and using a split workout template. But, I was training more like a power – bodybuilder. Nevertheless, the program I was following was working BIG time and I kept getting stronger and bigger.

In addition, I was coaching wrestling at the time and had no problem wrestling with other athletes without resting. The greater strength developments I gained resulted in improved strength endurance, which was something I never had before (back when I was doing the traditional gym workouts).“- Page 2, “Freak Strength” by

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siphe kedama
siphe kedama
Nov 28, 2019

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