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Mpho Dagada is a multifaceted professional whose illustrious career encompasses best-selling authorship, dynamic keynote speaking, enterprising entrepreneurship, and astute investment. Rooted in his very nature, he embodies the qualities of a solution architect, a fervent communicator, and a catalyst for transforming mindsets. Moreover, he has ascended to the status of a luminary in the digital currency realm, serving as a vanguard of digital innovation, a maven of blockchain technology, and a prescient futurist.

In addition to his current roles, Mr. Dagada has embarked on a remarkable political endeavor. Through his party, Arise South Africa, he aspires to become South Africa's next president. This bold aspiration stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to catalyzing change at the highest echelons of leadership.

Furthermore, Mr. Dagada's commitment to empowering young women and children is exemplified through his founding of the Mpho Foundation, an organization dedicated to uplifting and supporting vulnerable communities. The Mpho Foundation has made significant strides by adopting schools, extending assistance to homeless shelters, and hosting influential women empowerment seminars.

Mr. Dagada's diverse accomplishments speak volumes about his exceptional capacity, and his pursuit of the presidency underscores his determination to effect transformative change. His influence extends to his appointment as a distinguished member of the Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), where he plays a pivotal role in positioning South Africa as a formidable global contender within the ever-evolving landscape of the 4IR. Remarkably, at the age of 29, he has amassed a substantial array of accomplishments, solidifying his capacity to surmount any challenge.








Mr Dagada's role as an advisor has displayed his mastery of the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain and it bolsters his authority in this transformative sphere.

His earlier achievements include; recognition as a Young Communicator Award Finalist and an invitation to an International Exchange Program in Toronto, Canada. He was among select young entrepreneurs globally chosen for the prestigious TrepCamp at Stanford University, a transformative journey that exposed him to the innovation epicenters of Silicon Valley.


Dagada's expertise transcends borders, as he takes the global stage to keynote on Blockchain Technology and the future of finance. Collaborations with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in extending banking access to the unbanked population exemplify his humanitarian commitment. Notable appearances include sharing platforms with luminaries like Karen G Mills, a member of President Obama's Cabinet.

In addition to his prominent public roles, Mpho champions education and empowerment through his weekly coaching group, accessible on Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. An ardent advocate for social causes, he garners over 100,000 followers across various social media platforms, fostering engagement and discourse.

Mpho's nationwide tours have disseminated knowledge about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, empowering individuals to harness its potential for societal and personal advancement. His origins in humble Venda, South Africa, birthed his entrepreneurial flair as he initiated micro-lending activities during his time at Louis Trichardt High School. Amidst his entrepreneurial ventures, his eloquence as a speaker flourished, leaving an indelible mark within the global public speaking community.

His influence extends to advising Provincial Governments on fostering inclusive growth through public-private partnerships, a testament to his commitment to transformative progress. He has commanded audiences at conferences such as the Namibia Oil and Gas Conference, delivering insights to industry titans such as Shell, Total, Anadarko, ExxonMobil, Tullow Oil, and Standard Bank.

“The paradigm shift that is forced by abruptly discovering one morning that you are a millionaire at 21 was somewhat watered down by the fact that I’ve always known it to be my truth”

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